Gun counter mistakenly stocks ‘gun oil’ lube (VIDEO)

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A gun owner got a surprise recently when out shopping for gun oil.

Jamie Lee Bracey got quite a shock after picking up a bottle of gun oil at his local gun counter.

Gun counter mistakenly stocks ‘gun oil’ lube (VIDEO)

Mr Bracey – who had intended to buy an oil to lubricate his handgun – soon discovered the oil being sold was meant for lubricating something else entirely…

“Oh wow. It says water-based lubricant for your gun,” he says in the video – which has since gone viral.

According to Bracey, the product was mistakenly being sold at his local Walmart gun counter in Alabama.

Upon further inspection, Mr Bracey soon realised the the bottled contained a personal lubricant – Gun Oil H2O – which is targeted primarily at the gay community.

“Let’s see here. ‘Long-lasting lubrication with easy cleanup. Glycerin and paraben free. Wetter, lighter feel than silicone.’ Oh that sounds good,” he reads from the bottle’s label.

Gun counter mistakenly stocks ‘gun oil’ lube (VIDEO)

“That sounds really good. I think my gun would work really good, wetter and lighter.”

However, he soon realised that the oil was meant for a more intimate use.

“Then I see the ‘Ginseng and guarana to promote blood flow,’ and I’m like, ‘What?’

For topical use, apply desired amount to genital areas. Boom!”

Watch the full video below.

WP_20150917_18_09_44_Pro.mp4!!! I couldn’t believe this. It was at Florence WalMart, sporting goods section.

Posted by Jamie Lee Bracey on Friday, 18 September 2015