Would you turn straight if you could? (VIDEO)

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A new video explores whether openly gay people would choose to be heterosexual if given the choice.

We all know that being gay isn’t a choice, but that often doesn’t stop LGBT wishing they were straight when coming to terms with their sexuality.

Would you turn straight if you could? (VIDEO)

With homophobia, biphobia and transphobia still rife, a new video poses an interesting question – given the choice, would you be straight?

That was the question posed to a number of different people from across the LGB community.

The video – from BuzzFeed – asks those featured in the video to describe what it was like for them to come out and discuss some of the challenges they have faced.

“My life would totally be easier if I were straight,” says one man – who identifies as gay.

“Its really hard as a gay young kid, you know, because you talk differently and act differently and people want to beat you up,” says another.

Would you turn straight if you could? (VIDEO)

“Growing up, it would have been a lot easier if I were straight, to understand what was going on in my own body and my own head,” says a woman who describes herself as pansexual.

However, when asked if they would be straight now, if they were given the chance, the answers are somewhat surprising.

“God no!” says one woman. “I live in this beautiful limbo that I’ve created for myself.”

“No, because I think the world has gotten to a more accepting place,” says another.

“No, I’m very comfortable in my own skin,” adds another.

“I don’t wanna turn straight, I don’t wanna be straight, I wanna be gay and the way I am!”

Watch the full video below.