Hillary Clinton: Most people my age opposed equal marriage too

Hillary Clinton has claimed that “most people” her age have changed their minds on same-sex marriage.

The former Secretary of State, 67, is the frontrunner for the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination.

The politician spoke out against same-sex marriage in the ’90s and ’00s – but came out in favour of equality in 2013, after reversing her stance.

Speaking at a New Hampshire campaign event, Clinton was asked by a bisexual man about her early opposition to equal marriage

She said: “Yes – my views did evolve, and I think most people my age would say the same thing.”

She added: “Largely because of my strong opposition to discrimination of any sort, and my personal relationships with a lot of people over the years, I certainly concluded that marriage equality should be the law of the land… and I was thrilled when the Supreme Court made it the law of the land.”

Clinton, who was challenged on her U-turn during the Presidential debate last week, also spoke up in favour of the Democrat-sponsored Equality Act to outlaw anti-LGBT discrimination, which is currently pending in Congress.

She said: “I will enforce marriage equality, but we’ve got to go further than that. In a lot of states now, becuase of the constitutional decision, you can get married on Saturday and fired on Monday, because we still permit discrimination.

“We have to pass the Equality Act, which is currently pending in Congress – that will be my highest priority. Marriage isn’t the end of the debate, it’s a step along the path to true equality, and you will be able to count on me to fight for you.”

“I think that if you speak with the Human Rights Campaign or any of the large advocacy groups, they’ll tell you that they count on me, and that you can count on me.

“I was the first First Lady ever to march in a gay Pride parade in the 1990s. I’ve been a vocal advocate for equality and against discrimination.”

UK politician Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party famously claimed last year that people “over the age of 70” couldn’t be deemed homophobic.

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