Watch: TV preacher is worried about gays ‘thrusting’ at Christians

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TV preacher Pat Robertson is worried about gay people “thrusting” at everyday Christians.

Speaking on his syndicated evangelical show The 700 Club, former Southern Baptist pastor Pat Robertson said that gay people were guilty of an “organized thrust”.

He said: Homosexuals don’t just want to be left alone, now they want to come out and stick it to the Christians. #

“They’ve made it clear – it’s an organised thrust throughout this nation to force conformity.”

To paraphrase, there’s some sort of thrust, perhaps that will drive people insane.

We’re sure we’ve seen that somewhere else before.

Watch: TV preacher is worried about gays ‘thrusting’ at Christians

He continued to ramble: “Not only do we want to practice our sinful ways like Sodom and Gomorrah, we’re going to make you like it and we’re going to make you participate whether you like it or not.’”

“That is absolute tyranny… and it’s high time we call it what it is and we stand up for freedom.”

He recently claimed that gays want to jail Christians.

He rambled: “The gays said we want rights, we want to be recognised… but they don’t want to stop there. What they want to do is persecute anybody who disagrees with them.

The 85 year old continued: “It is vindictive now. We’re not talking about having rights from the ‘poor oppressed gays’. We’re talking about taking away the freedoms of everybody who disagree with them.

“Do we want that in America? We’ve got to make a stand for these people. They’re being pilloried in the press, their being laughed at in the press because the press is in league with the gay rights people and they somehow think this is a civil rights issue.

“They better be careful with what they’re doing because they’re taking away the rights of everybody!”

Let’s do the Time Warp again…

Watch the clip via Right Wing Watch below: