Australian minister claims party might lose election if it backs equal marriage

An Australian government minister has claimed that her party might lose the next election if it brings in same-sex marriage, despite overwhelming public support for the measure.

The current governing Liberal-National coalition opposes plans to bring in same-sex marriage this Parliament, though PM Malcolm Turnbull has backed a public vote on the issue.

Activists have called on the government to back equality in Parliament instead, which would allow it to be addressed sooner given overwhelming public support, but Turnbull faces opposition from some of his own ministers.

Government Minister Concetta Fierravanti-Wells spoke out this week, claiming that equality might cost the Liberals seats – despite the fact that the main opposition party is also in favour of equal marriage.

According to AAP, the Liberal Senator said: “A coalition policy that directly supports same-sex marriage could place under threat some of our most marginal seats which have disproportionately high religious and migrant communities.”

Reports emerged earlier this week about the wild leaving party of anti-gay marriage Australian PM Tony Abbott, after he was ousted last month.

Parliamentary officials revealed in the Senate today that Mr Abbott’s farewell party was apparently so wild, a $590 marble table was smashed to pieces in the Cabinet Suite.

Tabloids reported that Mr Abbott was seen dancing shirtless at the goodbye party – and the breaking of the table has caused a minor political controversy.