Did Ed Miliband accidentally reveal he was pranked at the PinkNews Awards?

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Ed Miliband made a reveal at the PinkNews Awards that left many scratching their heads… after he said he was approached for a non-existent reality TV show.

Speaking earlier this week at the PinkNews Awards in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, he revealed: “I will just briefly relate to you another request I received which you think is slightly incongruous and I can promise you I won’t be appearing.

“It is from a programme soon to be aired on your television screens called Drive ITV, when nine well known faces take on the challenge of motor sport and I was offered the chance, believe it or not, to take part in everything from stock car racing to buggy racing.

“Now, somehow I think they may have got the wrong guy, so I said no.”

However, there is absolutely no trace of any such reality driving show – leading some to speculate the ex-leader may have been approached for another show entirely.

ITV2 recently launched prank show Glitchy, which features members of the public fooled into taking part in fake reality formats, believing they are on real shows.

The show features a number of fake formats, including ‘Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Hand Model?’, ‘Benefits Mountain’, and ‘Are You Good Enough To Date My Daughter?’.

While the show is yet to feature any driving segments, some have speculated that ITV was trying to pull a fast one on the ex-Labour leader – who might havenarrowly avoided humiliation by turning it down.

PinkNews has reached out to ITV for comment… but so far received no reply.