Ruth Davidson explains why she always takes on homophobic trolls

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Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has explained why she refuses to let comments about her sexuality slide on the internet – amid a torrent of abuse.

The leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, who picked up the PinkNews Award for Member of the Year last week, was the first leader to feature her same-sex partner in an campaign ad.

Ms Davidson spoke about the torrents of abuse she receives online – after the Scottish National Party suspended a member who sent vile homophobic abuse to the leader earlier this year.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, she said that while she was happy to “ignore the ‘ugly fat useless stupid bastard’ comments”, comments about her sexuality were different.

She said: “Half of all young gay people have been homophobically bullied; when they see public figures like me saying it’s not on, they know they don’t have to take it either.”

The politician also did not mince her words while discussing Jamie Oliver’s proposed sugar tax. She said: “Actually, sod off, just sod off. If folk want a Twirl, let them have a Twirl!”

Speaking at the PinkNews Awards last week, she said: “When I was born you could still prosecute people for being in a loving gay relationship – and I was one of very few people who were able to vote to change that, so those same couples are able to get married.
Ruth Davidson explains why she always takes on homophobic trolls
“As long as so many young people are homomorphically bullied, and so many more are made to feel guilt and shame for who they are, we’ve still got much to do.

“I didn’t know how to be gay in public when I first got elected four years ago – but I did know I wanted to be an honest voice on LGBT issues, and do little things as well as big things to make sexuality a non-issue in future for politicians.

“Whether that was featuring my partner in our party election broadcast, or even just doing the ‘holding hands at the polling booth’ picture that straight politicians do all the time – hopefully that’s something that helps in a small way.”
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