Catholics in the US continue to celebrate Kim Davis’ bigotry

Catholics in America continue to celebrate Kim Davis, a county clerk who chose to go to jail, rather than marry a gay couple.

The Rowan County Clerk earlier this year served five days in jail, after refusing a string of court orders stating that she must issue marriage licences to same-sex couples.

US Roman Catholic bishops held an annual assembly on Monday where they gave a standing ovation to a Vatican ambassador who arranged a meeting between Pope Francis and Davis.

The Pope met Davis during his first ever visit to the US in September.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano arranged the meeting. He spoke at the annual meeting on Monday, saying the bishops should “preserve a moral order in society”.

Going on, he said they should not “fall prey” to “”secularised and increasingly pagan” practices, reports the Associated Press.

According to Davis’ lawyer Mat Staver, an adamant homophobe, the Pope told her to “stay strong” and commended her “courage”.

The clerk’s battle goes on.

Davis in September was accused of removing her name, and the name of the county from the marriage licences issued to same-sex couples.

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this month dismissed a plea from Davis for a reprieve after she was ordered to issue marriage licences to four gay couples who sued her.

District Judge David Bunning later clarified that she must marry any gay couple who apply for a licence, not just those four.