The official ‘Donald Trump jam’ is real, and it is as awkward as you’d imagine (VIDEO)

Donald Trump gesticulating as he speaks

Donald Trump has released his own ‘jam’ in support of his Presidential campaign.

As well as being really awkward, the song, which has been performed at Trump’s rallies by three young girls, has been compared to the propaganda of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

The troupe, known as the USA Freedom Kids, are dressed in stars and stripes cheerleading dresses.

They made their debut, along with the debut of the Trump Jam at a rally in Florida on 13 January.

Among many other possibly offensive sentiments, the lyrics include: “Apologies for freedom, I can’t handle this”, and “Stand tall… come on boys, take ’em down”.

Although the original song was written for World War Two military leader General George Patton, the words were adapted by the USA Freedom Kids’ manager Jeff Popick.

“While there are several candidates who could begin to turn around the Obama debacle, we think there may be no one better than President Donald Trump to answer ‘Freedom’s Call.’ Trump has a pattern of success that is remarkable and a methodology for winning that is second-to-none,” said Popick.

The UK government last month issued its response to a petition calling for Trump to be barred from the country.

Trump, who is currently leading the Republican field, has managed to spark fury during his campaign by targeting minority groups.

He has reportedly promised not to veto new ‘religious freedom’ laws allowing anti-gay discrimination, in his bid to tie up the right-wing religious lobby vote.

Trump recently met with and received an endorsement from New York pastor James David Manning – an ardently homophobic preacher who insists Starbucks put semen in their lattes.

In his bid to shore up support, Mr Trump also attended an event honouring Kentucky clerk Kim Davis – held by a listed anti-LGBT group.

Check out the Trump Jam below – let us know how much you could stand to listen to in the comments!

Donald Trump JamThe Donald Trump Jam is real – and it is every bit as awkward as you’d imagine…

Posted by PinkNews on Friday, January 15, 2016