Sun columnist demonstrates total lack of understanding of gender identity

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A columnist for the Sun newspaper has written a column in which he demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of gender identity, whilst shutting down arguments for gender-neutral toilets.

Columnist Rod Liddle, who has in the past been forced to apologise for making jokes about a blind, transgender former candidate, has now tackled the question of whether schools should have gender-neutral toilets.

Sun columnist demonstrates total lack of understanding of gender identity

Attributing gender dysphoria to “that’s just that old familiar thing, puberty,” Liddle responded to calls from the Association of Teachers and Lecturers for schools to be more trans-inclusive by having gender-neutral toilets.

Referring to Julia Neal of the ATL as a “silly bint”, Liddle goes on to claim that children “as young as four” have been “lectured” about gender identity by “liberal nutjobs”.

Going on, he says transgender people are simply “Pretending to be something you aren’t”, and says that gender identity is “defined scientifically” at birth.

Poking fun at suggestions that people should be able to “self define” their gender identity, Liddle uses the word “todger” to describe a penis, asserting that chromosomes are the only way to define gender.

“Frankly, they can self-define as otters if they want,” Liddle continues, labelling anyone who supports the right of trans kids to self-identify as “Madder and more and more deluded.”

He also took at “Tory dwarf” Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, who took steps to ensure that the Commons was more inclusive, with gender-neutral toilets. 

The columnist also defends acclaimed author Ian McEwan, who last week said he found it impossible to see anyone with a penis as other than a man.

McEwan, 67, became the latest to offer his opinion on the rights of trans people, mentioning an ongoing controversy surrounding people like Germaine Greer, who denies that trans women can truly be women.

Rocky Horror creator Richard O’Brien last month caused controversy by speaking out against transgender women.

The veteran actor is best known as the presenter of gameshow The Crystal Maze, and for creating The Rocky Horror Picture Show – as well as originating the role of Riff-Raff.

The 73-year-old has previously spoken about his own fluid gender identity, labelling himself the “third sex” and explaining: “I believe myself probably to be about 70% male, 30% female”, adding he “ticks the ‘M’ box” for gender but “would quite like to have Other to tick.”

However, speaking to the Metro O’Brien weighed in on controversy surrounding feminist author Germaine Greer’s anti-trans comments.

Sun columnist demonstrates total lack of understanding of gender identity

Germaine Greer claimed last year: “Just because you lop off your d**k and then wear a dress doesn’t make you a f***ing woman.”

She said previously: “I’ve asked my doctor to give me long ears and liver spots and I’m going to wear a brown coat but that doesn’t turn me into a f***ing cocker spaniel.

“A man who gets his d**k chopped off is actually inflicting an extraordinary act of violence on himself.”

Dame Edna star Barry Humphries also claimed in an interview that gender surgery is “mutilation”.