Kansas plans to make it impossible for trans people to legally change their gender

The state of Kansas is attempting to change regulations on legal gender change, to make it harder for trans people to have documents reflecting their gender identity.

According to reports, Governor Sam Brownback is attempting to change regulations on legally changing gender in the state.

The planned policy would make it more difficult for trans people to legally change their gender on official documents.

Currently, the policy means trans people can change their gender only if they show medical papers to reflect that an anatomical or physiological change has taken place.

But under new plans by the Governor’s administration, a person would have to sign an affidavit declaring that their original documentation had recorded their gender incorrectly.

They would also be required to provide medical records to back up their claim.

The proposed changes have been written by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

The Governor is pushing ahead with the plans which could make it impossible for transgender people to change their birth certificates.

The change in policy is not the only effort to limit the rights of transgender people in Kansas.

Earlier this year, two identical bills got readings. The bills would make it an offence for trans people to use a bathroom not aligned with their chromosomes and birth gender.

It made it possible for trans people to be fined $2,500 for using the “wrong” bathroom.