MP staffer says homosexuality is the same as incest and bestiality

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An Australian MP’s staffer took to social media to compare homosexuality to incest and bestiality, only weeks after his state’s Premier told members of the party to stop making embarrassing posts.

Edwin Nelson, who works for New South Wales Liberal MP Kevin Conolly, asked on Facebook if it was okay for two gay brothers to have sex with each other and if homosexuality should be illegal because he finds it “gross”.

MP staffer says homosexuality is the same as incest and bestiality

He then compared this to a straight relationship between siblings and said: “If you answer no – then what would you say to two brothers and sisters sleeping with each other?”

The 27-year-old, who made it clear on his Facebook page that he was a member of the New South Wales Liberal Party, added that homosexuality has “detrimental effects” on children when they are adopted by gay parents.

He said there was “no conclusive studies” that same-sex couples raising children won’t have a negative effect on future generations.

The revelations come less than a month since New South Wales Premier, Mike Baird, published a memo asking all staff to stop embarrassing themselves and the party “at any level” of government on social media.

Buzzfeed reported that Nelson has since removed his Facebook page, but denied it was hacked.

Clearly against marriage equality, Nelson said that supporting it was “left wing” and that homosexual relationships are “not as special as marriage”.

He is a prominent member of the far right wing of the New South Wales Young Liberals and also ran against North Sydney MP, Trent Zimmerman, for state president of the party.

As well as being homophobic, Nelson is also transphobic – posting dozens of anti-trans memes to his Facebook page (the one below is an example).

MP staffer says homosexuality is the same as incest and bestiality

His employer, Kevin Conolly has so far refused to comment on whether he has breached the government’s social media policy.

It’s understood that Nelson is to be reprimanded by the party at the end of this month because of his actions.