New York’s AIDS memorial park set to open later this year

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An AIDS memorial park is set to open later this year in New York.

According to POZ, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver have officially named the memorial park, which is already under construction.

The triangular ‘New York City AIDS Memorial Park at St. Vincent’s Triangle’ sits in the heart of Greenwich Village, just down from the iconic Christopher Street and the hub of New York’s gay community.

Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver said: “NYC AIDS Memorial Park at St. Vincent’s Triangle stands at the crossroads of the richly historical West Village.
New York’s AIDS memorial park set to open later this year
“Here, we honour and celebrate St. Vincent’s Hospital’s more than 150 years of service to our city, as well as the countless New Yorkers impacted by AIDS: those we have lost, those who live with H.I.V./AIDS, and those who continue to battle against fear and ignorance.”

The memorial, currently under construction, is slated to open in October.

Stephan Jaklitsch, Architect and Greenwich Village resident said: “Along with the move to commemorate Stonewall and its nearby park as a national landmark, the NYC AIDS Memorial Park at St. Vincent’s Triangle is a critical marker of our shared history.

“It is appropriate that this is in our neighbourhood and that the park’s name reflects both the epidemic and the location of the hospital that was so critical during the height of the AIDS epidemic in NYC.

“But it is also a memorial that addresses all of our society. It is impossible to convey the horror of such an epidemic and the injustice and stigma experienced by those directly affected, but public memorials serve as important reminders of our history, our shared values and the actions and attitudes we put forth as a public body during moments of crisis.

“This memorial should serve, in future epidemics, both as a reminder of the dangers created, when we allow fear to rule, and of the positive outcomes that result when we unite to fight discrimination and seek solutions to our common ills.

“Recent events show how relevant and timely this memorial can be.”

Greenwich Village resident Gretchen Bank said: “I am extremely pleased to hear that this beautiful addition to our neighbourhood’s civic space is to be called The NYC AIDS Memorial Park at St Vincent’s Triangle.

“As a longtime resident and member of the architecture and planning community, I believe it’s essential to recognise that this area was the epicenter of the AIDS crisis, and that St Vincent’s led the healthcare community response for many years. The new name reflects both.”