‘Half’ of Labour’s shadow cabinet to resign following Brexit: BBC

As much as half of Labour’s shadow cabinet could resign following the UK’s vote in a referendum to leave the EU, the BBC reports.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn faces a fight for his place, after plans of a vote of no confidence by senior members of his party were revealed.

Last night Hilary Benn was sacked for saying he had “lost confidence” in Mr Corbyn, and this morning shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander said she would resign.

Mr Benn said on the Andrew Marr show: “At this absolutely critical time for our country following the EU referendum result, the Labour Party needs strong and effective leadership to hold the government to account.

“We don’t currently have that and there is also no confidence we would be able to win a general election as long as Jeremy remains leader. And I felt it was important to say that.”

Now, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Young People and Voter Registration, Gloria de Piero, the former shadow equalities minister, has also stepped down.

A source told the BBC that Mr Corbyn would stand again in the event of a party leadership election.

But a shadow cabinet member also told the BBC: “I imagine that there’ll be a leadership election and Jeremy will win. But this is a total distraction.”

A source also told Sky News that Ian Murray, the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland is the third to quit.

Mr Corbyn won an overwhelming victory in last year’s Labour leadership contest, but has consistently struggled to win the support of many MPs in the party.

Prior to his election, he told PinkNews that he would take a tough approach on global LGBT rights.

Following the Orlando shooting at gay nightclub Pulse last week – during which 49 people lost their lives – Mr Corbyn encouraged the LGBT community to stick together during a London vigil dedicated to the victims.

Yesterday, as he arrived at Pride in London, he was heckled by a Labour LGBT activist.