Pokémon Go combined with Grindr is now a thing

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Pokémon Go combined with Grindr means now, you really can catch them all.

Okay, so it’s not a literal combination of Grindr and Pokémon Go, but Project Fixup, a dating website that encourages people to meet in person, has launched PokéDates.

Pokémon Go combined with Grindr is now a thing

Similar to Grindr, Pokémon Go harnesses a phone’s GPS to track your movements in the real world and moves you a step closer to becoming a true Pokémon master.

The website gives fans of the game the chance to meet people and get to know each other as they go out hunting Pokémon.

Although it is not specifically designed for gay people, the questionnaire that users are required to fill out prior to being matched asks if they are looking for someone who is gay, bisexual or straight.

In other news:

There are a number of other questions that are asked to match you to the ideal partner and the website even selects a gym or Pokéstop that is easy to meet at and let the searching begin.

Ever since Pokémon Go was launched earlier this month, it has proved popular with the LGBT community.

A few weeks ago, infamous anti-LGBT group the Westboro Baptist Church attempted to use the game to attack the community.

Others have been sending ‘dick pics’, using the game’s augmented reality.