Soon you’ll finally be able to show your pride with a rainbow flag emoji

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Apple’s latest rollout of emojis might be its most inclusive yet.

We’re finally getting the rainbow flag emoji we’ve all been patiently waiting for – and several others that celebrate gender diversity.



One hundred new emojis will be released in the fall with iOS 10, many of which had previously been available in only one gender.

Different professions, like the construction worker and police officer, as well as athletes like the surfer, cyclist, and swimmer will now also have a female option.

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But don’t worry, men didn’t get left out of the inclusive update – the pampering emojis of getting a haircut and a scalp massage, which are currently depicted as only female, will now have a male counterpart.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.29.42 AM

The update will also include emojis representing families with single parents.


Each new set of emojis has been more inclusive than the last, with the inclusion of LGBT couples then the addition of skin tones in the iOS 9.1 update last October.

We can only hope that Apple continues with this trend.