Trans Pride flag emoji finally rolled out to iPhone after years of tireless campaigning. Here’s how to get it

Apple has finally rolled out the trans Pride flag emoji to iPhone

The trans flag emoji is finally available on Apple iPhone and iPad thanks to the latest iOS update.

Apple has finally rolled out an update giving users access to the trans Pride flag emoji, almost a year after Unicode first announced new transgender symbols.

Years of tenacious fighting by the Powerful Trans Lobby™ finally paid off in January, when Unicode announced two new emojis – the pink, white and blue trans Pride flag and the trans symbol – among the 117 new emojis in Emoji 13.0 that the Unicode Consortium released in 2020.

The trans community, which has been making do with a lobster emoji for a symbol of expression this whole time, will finally have not one but two emojis to use freely.

While Android users have been able to get them on WhatsApp since 2019, those with Apple products have been lagging behind. But no longer.

Yesterday, Apple launched iOS 14.2 and iPad 14.2, bringing users more than 100 new emojis including a seal, a pinch, a ninja, and the trans Pride flag.

How to get the trans flag emoji on iPhone and Apple iOS.

Apple users just need to update their devices to access the new emojis from their keyboards. If you’ve already done so, you should be able to see the trans Pride flag emoji here (?️‍⚧️) and the trans symbol emoji here (⚧️).

While excitement levels about the new trans flag emoji were high, many have been pointing out that other Pride flags – the lesbian Pride flag, bisexual Pride flag, progressive Pride flag and asexual Pride flag, to name a few – have yet to be brought in.

“I’m happy to see the trans pride flag but I’m begging them to also just put the rest of the pride flags instead of making a fucking bucket emoji,” one Twitter user said.

Another added: “Finally a trans emoji! I will nevertheless continue my crusade against the existence of the CLAMP EMOJI until there are more pride flags up in here.”

The Vagina Museum added its voice to calls for more flags, saying: “The trans flag emoji has just dropped!

“Next up, makers of emoji, please do bi pride. and the progress pride flag. and a labrys. and ace pride and non binary pride and and and WE JUST WANT ALL THE FLAGS OKAY.”