Supervisor who was live-streamed asking trans worker for oral sex faces criminal charges

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A supervisor who asked a transgender woman for oral sex in exchange for her being allowed to go home early has been arrested.

The video, posted by 21-year-old student Makana Milho, showed her community service supervisor sexually harassing her.


Milho is completing the community service in order to have a theft charge expunged from her criminal record.

The city groundskeeper, Harold Villanueva Jr, her supervisor, made advances on her fifth day, says Milho, offering for her to go home early if she performs oral sex on him.

47-year-old Villanueva Jr was arrested by Honolulu Police and charged with fourth-degree sexual assault. He was arraigned on Wednesday and granted a supervised release.

Milho’s lawyer told the Honolul Star-Advertiser that she was cleaning park bathrooms when the supervisor made the advances.

She began live streaming the exchanges. In one conversation he appears to offer for her to go home early if she gives him a kiss and a blow job.

He brags about one encounter with a young mother on community service, saying she was the “best I had in a long time”.

Milho alleges that Villanueva Jr pinched he behind and tried to hold her hand.

She also says Villanueva asked her invasive questions about her gender, whether she was “born a woman” and if she had smaller breasts before she transitioned.

Milho says she has been blamed by many for the abuse, with lots suggesting she brought on the harassment herself.

She tells the Daily Beast: “I took it down because I was getting so much backlash… people were saying it’s my fault.”

Watch one of the shocking live-stream videos below: