A trans performer was kicked out of a NYC gay bar for using the women’s bathroom

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Trans performer Valentine Steaphon was kicked out of a gay bar in New York after a cisgender woman discovered her in the women’s bathroom.

Valentine Steaphon, a trans performer from Canada but currently living in New York, was kicked out of gay bar Boots & Saddle Drag Lounge on Friday night after a cisgender woman complained that she was using the women’s bathroom.

Steaphon, who identifies as trans-genderqueer and uses both female and male pronouns, explained the incident to Out Magazine, “she told me that I shouldn’t be [in the women’s bathroom] because I don’t have a pussy or a vagina or whatever.

“I was just kind of stunned, shocked and surprised that this was even happening at this place. My first reaction was to try to educate her that we were at an LGBT bar and we don’t really follow those rules in that location.”


She also described the event in a Facebook post, where she said that security told her, “we cater to straight women so if they feel uncomfortable with you in the bathroom you’re the problem.”

However, Azam Siciliano, a manager at Boots & Saddle, told Out that the incident was not gender related and all individuals involved were asked to leave the venue.

“From what we understand, this is not an incident regarding whether or not a certain gender could use the restroom, this was about patrons disrupting the bar,” he said.

Siciliano added that the bar is conducting an investigation through their security footage.

Last Wednesday, the US Supreme Court ruled that a school can temporarily block a trans student from using male bathroom facilities during a legal battle over trans rights.