A third of North Carolina voters think Hillary Clinton might actually be Satan

Hillary Clinton is leading in North Carolina even though a third of people there think she could be an incarnation of the Devil, a major poll has found.

The surprising results come from a serious survey carried out by Public Policy Polling, which found that the Democratic candidate had a narrow lead over Donald Trump in the state.

Clinton has been an outspoken critic of North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law and ‘bathroom ban’ legislation, while Trump has said he backs the state on the issue.

Although Clinton is leading Trump 43%-41%  in the state, she probably can’t count on winning over many more of his voters… as the majority think she might be a literal incarnation of the Devil.

41% of Trump voters agreed she is indeed the Devil, while 17% weren’t sure one way or the other. Just 42% of Trump voters disagreed with the sentiment that Clinton is Satan incarnate.

Across the state as a whole, 32% of people said Clinton was the Devil or weren’t sure, while 68% insisted she is not a form of the Devil.

It’s very much a White People Thing though – while 27% of whites thought Clinton was the Devil, the number plunged to just 1% among African-Americans and other minorities.

Unsurprisingly, zero percent of Clinton supporters think that Clinton is the Devil… though 3% aren’t sure.

The poll did not ask voters the same question of Donald Trump.

Elsewhere in the polling, 69% of Trump voters said that if Clinton wins it would be “because the election results are rigged for her”, and not “because more people voted for her”.

40% of Trump voters agreed with a statement that ACORN, a group that has not existed for six years, would “steal the election for Hillary Clinton”.