Rainbow staircase brightens up historic Reykjavik school for Pride

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This amazing rainbow staircase was unveiled in the heart of Iceland’s capital ahead of this month’s Pride parade.

Reykjavik Pride took place over the weekend, with thousands flocking to the parade through the city centre.

Ahead of the event, the steps to one of the city’s oldest institutions, Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík school, were lit up in rainbow colours.
Rainbow staircase brightens up historic Reykjavik school for Pride
The school dates its history back to 1056, while the current iconic building was built in 1846, briefly housing the country’s Parliament.

Mayor Dagur B Eggertsson said: “It’s amazing something as everyday as the colours of the rainbow can be a symbol for human rights and freedom. And it’s especially beautiful that young and old people joined together to paint it.”

He added to the Icelandic Monitor: “For me, the significance of this is to underline that Reykjavik is a city of human rights and a city for everybody, where all colours can flourish.

“I am very proud to be Mayor of such a city.”

An Icelandic airline recently unveiled a giant pink plane called ‘GAY’.

Skúli Mogensen of  WOW Airline explained: “One of our pilots came to me and suggested this name and I thought it was a cool idea so we went ahead with it.”

TF-GAY joins the company’s other planes; TF-MOM, TF-DAD, TF-SIS, TF-BRO, TF-SON and TF-KID.