Police hunt murder suspect who may be living as a woman to evade the law

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Police are hunting for a suspect in a double-murder case – who may be hiding out from the law by living as a woman.

John Kelly Gentry Jr has been sought by police since April 1983, and is suspected of killing a man and a woman who he was separately having relationships with.

Gentry’s 25-year-old Barbara Gerber was found stabbed to death in Michigan, while six days later police found the body of 52-year-old William Veith in Ohio.

It is believed that Genty had been living a ‘double life’, splitting his time between the two lovers before killing them both.

More than 30 years on, police are still on Gentry’s trail.

An appeal this week suggested that Gentry may be living in the Los Angeles area as a woman.

He may be going by the name ‘Kelly’ and reportedly has frequented the West Hollywood gayborhood.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Detective Jeff Smith said: “The U.S. Marshals Service received information in the last five years that Gentry was possibly living in California as a woman, that dresses as a woman.

“If he’s alive he’s obviously living somewhat of a law-abiding life, because otherwise the prints should come back a match.”

Police released an e-fit of Gentry, who would now be 63 – though he was presented as male in the digital rendering.

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