Keegan Hirst’s rugby team name and shame homophobic fan

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Batley Bulldogs has banned a fan for sending homophobic tweets to gay club captain Keegan Hirst.

Keegan Hirst won universal praise last year when he became the first British rugby league player to come out as gay while still playing professionally.

Keegan Hirst’s rugby team name and shame homophobic fan

From Harry Potter star Emma Watson, to pop royalty Sir Elton John, Hirst has received nothing but love since making the brave decision to open up about his sexuality.

However, it seems at least one man isn’t so keen on the sports star – or the LGBT community.

Naming fan Jordan Coyle on its website, Hirst’s team The Batley Bulldogs has said he will no longer be welcome at the club following a series of homophobic tweets.

“There is no place in our sport for homophobic abuse,” a statement from the club said – after Coyle posted anti-gay tweets about Hirst and Coronation Street star Keegan Hirst.

“Since Keegan publicly confirmed his sexual orientation we have been delighted by the response and support he has been given by everybody at the club and indeed throughout our sport,” the statement added.

“This is the first and hopefully the last time we witness such unpleasantness.

“We wish to send out a clear message that if you engage in such behaviour we do not want you to attend our stadium.”

Last year, Hirst, 27, became one of the first players in his sport to open up about his sexuality – and his battle with the “macho” image of Rugby League – in a revealing interview with the the Sunday Mirror.

He also became the first British Rugby League player to take to the pitch as an out gay man, receiving an overwhelmingly positive reaction from fans and fellow players alike.