Gay Syrian refugee couple reunited after being settled 2500 miles apart

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Two gay Syrian refugees who were torn apart during resettlement have finally been reunited.

Nader and Omar had separately fled from the war from Syria, finding temporary sanctuary in Istanbul, Turkey.

However, they found more than peace in Istanbul – they found eachother, meeting in a gay club in the city and striking it off.

The pair became inseparable, spending every moment together and months later getting engaged – though same-sex marriage is not recognised in Turkey nor Syria.

The pair were shocked earlier this year, when Nader received news that the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees had accepted his application to be permanently resettled in Norway.

But as the pair’s relationship was not legally recognised in Syria nor in Turkey, he would have to go without Omar.

Nader reluctantly headed off to his new life in Bergen, Norway, but vowed to stay with Omar forever, even if they never saw eachother again.

Six long months later, Buzzfeed reports the most wonderful news – Omar has been granted political asylum in Norway too.

The outlet was there to capture the beautiful moment that the couple re-united at the airport outside, as Omar arrived to welcome his partner to their new home, happily ever after.

Oh… and same-sex marriage is legal in Norway!

LGBT refugees are technically treated as a vulnerable group by the UNHCR, which processes resettlements.

However, the extreme number of people seeking resettlement means it can still sometimes take many years.