Trump campaign chair pushing anti-transgender ‘Women’s Privacy Act’

The chair of Trump’s campaign in Texas is pushing an anti-transgender ‘Women’s Privacy Act’, ironically claiming that trans people are a sexual assault risk.

A number of women have come forward to allege that Mr Trump abused them and grabbed them inappropriately, after a leaked tape featured the Republican Presidential nominee bragging about how he is able to grab women “by the pussy” without consequence because of his celebrity status.

Though the scandals has led a number of senior Republicans to withdraw their support for Mr Trump, Lieutenant Governor of Texas and talk radio host Dan Patrick continues to chair his campaign in the state.

But for someone so un-fussed about alleged sexual assault when  it comes to the future President of the United States, Patrick is definitely fussed about fictional sexual assaults that might be committed by transgender people.

Patrick announced in a speech to the Dallas Regional Chamber that he would push forward his anti-transgender ‘bathroom bill’ next year, rebranding it as the so-called ‘Women’s Privacy Act’.

According to KHOU he claimed: “It is the most important issue… If laws are passed by cities and counties and school districts allow men to go into a bathroom because of the way they feel, we will not be able to stop sexual predators from taking advantage of that law, like sexual predators take advantage of the internet.”

So a man who didn’t care about allegations of sexual assault is now worried about imaginary sexual assaults. Could it get more ironic?

Well, it turns out, it actually can.

Despite Patrick titling his bill the ‘Women’s Privacy Act’, a poll found last week that such laws only enjoy majority support from men.

The Pew Research Center poll showed that a majority of women support trans people being able to use the restroom of their chosen gender, with 55% in favour and 40% against.

On the flipside, men are apparently more concerned about “women’s safety” than actual women, supporting discrimination against trans people by a margin of 52% to 40%.

It’s almost as if women can see when they’re being exploited as a political bargaining chip to attack a minority group.