In the wake of Donald Trump’s election there is now a Google hangout offering legal advice for LGBT families

A happy family with gay parents

A Google hangout for LGBT families is a small beacon of hope in the aftermath of Donald Trump becoming President-Elect of the United States.

For some, this may bring a brief respite in the post-2016 US election world: a world where there have been over 700 incidents of harassment fuelled by the news of Trump’s election.

LGBT families may also feel increasing uncertainty as Trump has been appointing an array of anti-LGBT activists to his transition team.

Path2Parenthood, a US not for profit organisation, and fertility and life coach, Kristen Darcy, have joined together to provide urgent information for existing and hopeful LGBT parents.

Ken Mosesian, Path2Parenthood’s Executive Director, said: “We’ve created this hangout to help LGBT persons clearly understand what immediate and future steps they need to take, to protect their relationships and their families, and to provide a realistic timeline for the changes that may occur to marriage equality and a woman’s right to choose”.

The hangout is rumoured to include prominent attorneys and include information on potential changes to marriage equality, second-parent adoption and parentage procedures, plus passport, and birth certificate advice for children of LGBT parents.