Virginia kills anti-trans bathroom bill without debate

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The state of Virginia has done away with a bill similar to North Carolina’s which would limit transgender bathroom use.

The Republican-controlled panel at the General Assembly, did away with the bill without debate.

Virginia kills anti-trans bathroom bill without debate

Introduced by Bob Marshall, the bill would have banned individuals from using a bathroom corresponding to any gender other than that displayed on their birth certificate.

The bill was quickly condemned by Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe, who vowed to fight against such legislation.

Following the doing away with Marshall’s bill, he accused legislators of breaking campaign promises.

Those behind the bill say it is necessary to protect children.

Governor McAuliffe earlier this month signed an executive order protecting the rights of LGBT+ people in public services.

Governor Terry McAuliffe signed executive order 61, which protects the rights of LGBT people in public services.

The Order extends pre-existing protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity for state employees to contractors and in the delivery of state services.

Earlier in the same week Governor McAuliffe also vowed to veto a proposed anti-trans ‘bathroom bill’ in his state.

Meanwhile in Texas, the House Speaker cast doubt on a similar measure to limit trans bathroom use, saying it would be “bad for business.”

This comes after it was estimated to cost the state of texas $8 billion.

North Carolina, which at the end of December failed to repeal HB2, lost out on the All Star NBA game for 2017, lost the NCAA regional games out of the state, and performances from Bruce Springsteen and other high profile musicians cancelled North Carolina performances.

It has been estimated by Forbes that NC lost $600 million over six months because of its controversial legislation.