Christian pundit says God has ‘cursed’ AFC Bournemouth for supporting LGBT equality

Christian pundit Stephen Green has claimed that God has placed a curse on football team AFC Bournemouth because they support LGBT equality.

Green, the head of fringe evangelical group Christian Voice, frequently appears in the media as a pundit arguing against LGBT rights.

However, the pundit has much more surreal views – as demonstrated this month, when he hit out at a football team for employing a transgender member of staff and supporting an LGBT History Month event.

Mr Green penned a furious post on his website, warning that “if Bournemouth AFC are relegated at the end of this season, the curse of gay pride will have fallen once more on a body corporate that thought it could mock God”.

He cited two-time Olympic medal winner Tom Daley as another victim of the alleged “curse” after coming out, though as far as PinkNews is aware Mr Green has achieved zero Olympic medals.

Mr Green also alleges that supermarket Tesco and the Co-Operative Bank had also been “cursed”.

He claims that after Tesco sponsored Pride in London, God made sure they “endured a catastrophic few years”.

He added:”Tesco profits tumbled, new ventures went bust and they flouted planning laws. Tesco pulled out of the US after losses left their board red-faced.”

After Co-Op introduced “pro-gay ‘diversity’ policies”, according to Mr Green, God ensured they were “soon caught overcharging for mortgages”

He added: “In 2012 the greedy Co-op failed to grab Lloyds Bank customer accounts, pulling out over financial irregularities. In 2014 the pro-gay outfit lost a staggering £1.3 billion. The Co-op Bank has now put itself up for sale.”

Schools Out, the organisers of the LGBT History Month event attacked by Mr Green, told PinkNews: “It is important to expose the growing opposition we are facing from these right wing groups and show people how they can enjoy our events wherever they are around the country.”