Alec Baldwin returned to SNL as Trump and you just HAVE to watch it

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Alec Baldwin made a highly anticipated return on SNL last night with his infamous Donald Trump impression.

Kicking off the shows cold open, viewers watched as Baldwin imitated Trump in the midst of an alien invasion.

Alec Baldwin returned to SNL as Trump and you just HAVE to watch it

Armed men and women gather in the bunker to prepare for battle against the aliens invading America and await a speech from the commander-in-chief, Baldwin’s Trump.

The mind-blowing plan that the character comes up with involves coal: “Here’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to bring coal back. You won’t believe how much coal we’re going to have. You’ll say I never knew there could be so much coal.”

While the rest of the soldiers in the bunker roll their eyes, Trump is then informed that the state of California had been vaporised.

“So I won the popular vote?” Baldwin asks, before asking if Arnold Schwarzenegger had also died.

When told where the aliens are from, Trump begins to defend the planet sparking people to question if he has business deals on the planet.

The character is also informed that Trump hotel was attacked in New York, causing 50 million in damages. “More like a billion dollars,” Trump retorts.

Alien’s begin to advance in on Trump and the base, which prompts the character to accuse them of “coming here for hundreds of years” and pointing to Lesley Jones (who is on the cast) and saying “there’s one.”

Trump is challenged on this and asked where he got his information, “infowars” he exclaims.

Aliens then attack the base and the group recites the pledge of allegiance, which Trump does not know the words to.

The side splitting sketch finishes with the Aliens asking who the leader is, to which Baldwin accuses one of the soldiers.

SNL has done a number of hilarious outtakes in the past, Melissa McCarthy appeared on the show to do a hilarious impression of press secretary Sean Spicer.

Cast member Kate McKinnon has also ripped into Jeff Sessions, the US Attorney General, in a Forrest Gump style skit.

You can watch the full clip here: