Homophobes threatened to kill Scottish yoga lover’s dog after viral video

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Police are investigating a potential hate crime after a viral video star received homophobic death threats.

More than 50 million people have watched the clip of scantily-clad Dundee residents Finlay Wilson and Tristan Cameron-Harperin performing yoga moves in a kilt.

But the attention the clip has attracted also comes with a sinister side, and Mr Wilson has spoken out after an anonymous homophobic threat was shoved through his letterbox on Tuesday

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Wilson said: “I came out my flat at 06.30 in the morning to walk the dog and there was a handwritten letter in a sealed envelope on the front step addressed to ‘the gay boy at number 45’.

“It said threatening stuff like ‘you need to watch yourself’ and they said they’d been watching my videos online and that they want me to get out.

“I don’t really know anyone in the building. My friends have been saying they didn’t realise this sort of thing still happened in this day and age.”

In addition to threatening Mr Wilson’s life, the homophobic letter-writer also threatened to murder his dog.

Mr Wilson said: ” “I’ve had to put a cage on the letterbox to make sure they don’t post anything harmful through that he might eat.

“I was upset at first, but now I am furious because someone’s aim is to intimidate me and terrorise me into leaving my home because of their own bigoted beliefs.

“The people who do this sort of thing need to know that their views are unacceptable and the majority of people won’t tolerate it.”

Homophobes threatened to kill Scottish yoga lover’s dog after viral video

Police are investigating the incident as a potential hate crime.

A police spokesperson said: “Police Scotland does not tolerate hate crime in any form and everyone has the right to live safely and without fear.”