Bianca Del Rio hits out at ‘homophobic’ Candace Cameron Bure for wearing her shirt

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Bianca Del Rio has hit out at Republican Candace Cameron Bure calling her “homophobic” after she posted a picture wearing a branded shirt.

The Fuller House star posted the image of the “Not Today Satan” shirt on Instagram, and the RuPaul’s drag queen quickly picked the post up and re-posted it along with the caption “If only this homophobic republican knew”.

Bianca Del Rio hits out at ‘homophobic’ Candace Cameron Bure for wearing her shirt

After Del Rio posted the picture, Bure commented and tried to defend herself against the comments.

Bure wrote: “Why do you have to be nasty to me? You don’t know me or my heart.

“I’m not homophobic and always sad when people think otherwise. Loving Jesus doesn’t mean I hate gay people or anyone.”

She went on to accuse the drag queen of “sending” people to her page to write “horrible” things.

“You sent a bunch of hateful people to my page writing horrible things.

“I hope next time you’ll spread love and kindness, even when you disagree with people. Sending you love and wish you all the best. Truly.”

Bure was labelled a homophobe in 2015 after she backed a bakery in Oregon which refused to make a cake for a lesbian wedding. Bure appeared on the View as a guest host on The View with Raven Symone, and they were at each other’s throats on the subject.

They were discussing the owners of Oregon bakery Sweet Cakes by Melissa, who were found guilty of discrimination this year, after refusing to make a cake for lesbian wedding in 2013 – despite making divorce celebration cakes and cakes for ‘gay cure’ groups without issue.

Bianca Del Rio hits out at ‘homophobic’ Candace Cameron Bure for wearing her shirt

They were told to pay $135,000 in damages to the couple in 2015.

Symone, who revealed to Oprah Winfrey in 2014 that she is dating a woman but doesn’t identify as gay,  compared the refusal to make a cake to racial discrimination.

She said, “To me, it’s the same exact thing they did back in the day saying black people couldn’t do certain things because ‘it’s my religious belief.’”

Bure responded: “No, I think you’re comparing apples to oranges here. I don’t think this is discrimination at all. This is about freedom of association … We do have the right to still choose who we associate with.”

“I refuse to associate myself with you right now,” Symone retorted.

Bianca Del Rio hits out at ‘homophobic’ Candace Cameron Bure for wearing her shirt
Whoopi Goldberg later cut in to ask: “Were [the bakery’s owners] invited to the wedding?”

A debate broke out in the UK earlier this year after TV presenter Coleen Nolan appeared to compare ordering a cake with “support gay marriage” on it to one which reads “support ISIS”.

She was speaking on a segment relating to the ruling in Northern Ireland recently, which found that Ashers Bakery had unlawfully discriminated when it refused to make a ‘support gay marriage’ cake.