Nebraska bill would protect LGBT workers against discrimination

LGBT+ Nebraskans could soon be protected against discrimination in the workplace.

Legislators in the state have begun debating a bill which would extend discrimination protections based on gender identity or sexual orientation.

Despite Senators having adjourned on Thursday without reaching a vote on the bill, it is expected to be picked up in the future.

Speaker Jim Scheer will decide the fate of the vote when he brings the bill back to the floor.

The sponsors of the bill have argued that as well as being a civil rights issue, the bill has economic implications for the state.

They say that Nebraska needs to attract and maintain a young and diverse workforce.

But those opposed to it have said it threatens religious freedom.

They say that the bill would threaten the religious freedom of business owners opposed to hiring LGBT+ people.

Earlier this week, a federal appeals court in the US ruled that lesbian, gay and bisexual employees are protected against discrimination.

The 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ruled that the 1964 Civil Rights Act already protects LGBT employees from being discriminated against.

As the ruling will not be appealed to the Supreme Court, it takes effect in three states.

A day after the 7th Circuit ruled, another federal judge ruled in favour of a lesbian couple who were discriminated against by a landlord.