This woman put equal marriage on blast in front of a gay man she has to live with

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An admirer of former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has put same-sex marriage laws on blast, in front of a gay man that she is living with.

84-year-old Dee is currently on the show Mind The Age Gap.

The show attempts to bridge two generations together by making 12 people, half under 30 and half over 60, live together.

The 12 people are given books, newspapers and iPads to fuel discussions and the toping of gay marriage within churches was bought up after 25-year-old Tyrrel mentioned an article he had read.

Tyrrel says: “In church they’re going to start performing gay marriage services for the public so it’s going to be more legalised.”

This sparks Dee into scrutinising same-sex marriage laws and deeming them to be “wrong”.

The now retired counsellor replies: “Well I think that’s wrong.”

The response was met with shock, and Dee explained herself: “If the vicar doesn’t believe in he should be able to hold his end up as it were.

“I think on a vicar it’s possibly more of a choice. There’s loads of other churches isn’t there,” she said.

24-year-old Jed, who identifies as gay, then comes out, explaining: “I think if people start saying no then you’re just taking a step backwards aren’t we in time and I think we’ve come so far haven’t we to accept it.”

Dee added: “In my era it was all illegal.”

In one clip, Dee also coins herself as “open minded” despite her views on equal marriage.

She also claimed to be a “great admirer” or former UKIP leader Nigel Farage because “we’re being taken over by other races’ culture, and I don’t like that,” she said.

67-year-old Bob, also on the show, also aired homophobic views.

“When I was growing up homosexuals and lesbians were absolutely unheard of,” he said. “I just find it, I’m afraid, unnatural”.