Fans and Union J bandmates mourn sudden death of George Shelley’s sister

Fans and bandmates have sent their deepest sympathies to George Shelley following tragic news.

The singer and radio host’s youngest sister, Harriet Shelley, has been killed in a car accident.

Harriet Shelley, 21, had been in intensive care after suffering severe head injuries in the accident in Bristol on April 28.
George Shelley

A rep for the former Union J singer confirmed the sad news to The Sun: “George and the entire family are devastated and heartbroken at the loss of their beloved, beautiful Harriet.

“They are all together, supporting each other at this difficult time and would appreciate the time and space to do so before they make any further comments.”

Their mother, Toni Harris, has been at her daughter’s bedside since the accident, and says she was “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

She told The Sun: “Everybody at Southmead Hospital has been amazing, they have been working “24/7” to make sure she is alright.

“I would like to thank everyone in Clevedon for praying for our daughter.

“They have been holding church services, Bristol’s Buddha centre has also been helping – everybody across different religions have been so amazing.”

George Shelley became famous after his band Union J, which has now split, appeared on The X Factor in 2012.

The singer came out in 2016, following speculation about his sexuality after he appeared on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

In a YouTube video, he revealed he has dated both men and women – but doesn’t want to put a label on his sexuality.

He said: “I’ve been on a personal journey and I want you to be part of that journey from now on.

“I want to start 2016 with a clean slate. I don’t feel that I should hide anything.

“I went into the jungle and it gave me a lot of time to reflect on what’s important to me – and it’s important to me that I can be myself and I don’t feel I should hide on me.”

He added: “I’ve been reading a lot of speculation online as to whether I’m, straight, gay or bi.

“It’s all these labels and it’s a little bit old-fashioned and this is why I’m not going to label it myself.

“I’ve had girlfriends that I’ve loved, in amazing periods of my life, but I’ve also had boyfriends.”

“I want you to know that whether I decide to be with a girl next or be with a guy next it’s because I love them.

“It shouldn’t be a big deal. I don’t want to make a big thing out of it when it happens and I don’t want to be scared anymore.

He added: “I don’t want to feel like I can’t be myself because I’m worried about what somebody might be saying about me.”

Shelley is not the first member of the boyband to come out – bandmate Jaymi Hensley is also in a relationship with a man.