Man who raped two trans sex workers sentenced to 14 years behind bars

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A rapist who targeted transgender sex workers in their homes has been jailed for 14 years.

Jorge Gil Jawhar, 24, had arranged to meet two trans women at their homes back in 2016.

Forcing himself on the sex workers, he attempted to rape them immediately as they opened the door. Prison

One of the victims, who lives in Clapham, London, tried to call police after he tried to kiss her as she opened the door in the August 2016 attack.

But as she tried to call the police, Jawhar threw away her phone and tried to pin her down and rape her and sexually assaulted her.

A month later, he tried to force himself on another trans woman sex worker in Fulham, forcing himself on her as she opened the door.

He raped her and stole her perfume as he left.

Jawhar pleaded guilty to two charges of rape, one of rape and one charge of theft on Monday 20 March.

Then on Friday he was sentenced to a 14-year prison sentence at Isleworth Crown Court.

The assailant had originally denied the charges, but later confessed and was charged.

Forensic enquiries led to detectives finding Jawhar and arresting him on 3 October 2016.

The investigation was led by DI Suzanne Jordan, who said: “Jawhar is a dangerous sexual predator who used violence against his vulnerable victims for his own gratification and I am pleased that he will now spend a long time behind bars.

“He targeted his victims and thought that because of the nature of their work, his offending would go unreported.”