Woman who ‘married’ train station insists it’s the same as being gay

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A woman who claims to have married a train station insists her sexuality is “just like” being gay.

45-year-old Carol made a splash last week with her claim that she is married to a San Diego train station.

She explained: “Most people know this building as the Santa Fe Depot, but I know her as my friend, my life partner, my wife, Daidra Santa Fe.”

According to the Mirror, Carol takes a 45-minute bus ride from her San Diego, California home to see the station in downtown San Diego every day.

She explained: “I have been in love with the station since I was a young girl.”

Woman who ‘married’ train station insists it’s the same as being gay

The woman and train station tied the knot in 2015, which Carol describes as “the happiest day of our lives”. The marriage was not legally binding.

Carol identifies as ‘Objectum sexual’ and sees her sexuality as akin to homosexuality.

She said: “Objectum sexuality is not a mental illness like the media always makes out.

“It is our sexuality, just like being lesbian or bisexual – we are not crazy.”

She added: “Daidra has been the most stable partner I have ever had. I have had the time of my life being her wife.

“I used to be scared of being in love with humans, but I’m not scared with Daidra.

“I could never love another train station – she is the one.”

Check out a clip via the Mirror:

A Republican politician previously offered to marry gay people to his lawnmower.

Criticising the court ruling that brought equal marriage to 50 states, Republican Congressman Steve King claimed that under the ruling “you can marry my lawnmower”.

He claimed: “I had a strong, Christian lawyer tell me yesterday that, under this decision that he has read, what it brings about is: It only requires one human being in this relationship – that you could marry your lawnmower with this decision. I think he’s right.”

Following his claim, one man actually tried to marry his lawnmower at his local clerk’s office.

However, the clerk explained: “The answer to that would be no.”

Raising that the lawnmower is only 6 years old, she explains: “You have to be 18 years old to get a marriage license, and the other party has to be able to sign a contract, has to have a government ID, and has to have a witness who says they can enter into a contract.

“For those reasons alone you can’t marry your lawnmower.”