China cuts gay kiss from new Alien Covenant film

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

China has censored a number of parts in Ridley Scott’s new film, Alien Covenant, including a gay kiss.

The country is known for censoring graphic content out of films – meaning that viewers were cut short by six minutes of a violent scene.

A passionate kiss shared between Michael Fassbender and himself (he plays two characters in the film) was also cut from the film.

The cut has been criticised for missing a key part of the storyline.

Yu, a 26-year-old who works in an advertising agency in Shanghai explained that the other cuts were not noticeable.

However, for her and many others, the missing kiss causes the film to be confusing.

“For the other missing parts you don’t notice or know when it happens, but you can really feel something is missing where the gay kiss is supposed to be,” Yu said.

The kiss between android’s David and Walter (both played by Fassbender) is the first of a kind for the franchise.

In its 38-year history, Covenant is the only film to feature a same-sex couple.

Lope (Demián Bichir) and Hallett (Nathaniel Dean) are married in the film.

In celebration of Pride in China, nine LGBT couples are staging a mass wedding on a cruise ship.

Gay, lesbian and trans couples will tie the knot in front of 800 people on the cruise ship despite same-sex marriage still being illegal.

The event comes after Taiwan legalised same-sex marriage earlier this year.

A group of mothers of LGBT people were kicked out of the famous “marriage market” in Shanghai last month after they tried to find partners for their children.

Women held rainbow umbrellas with advertisements of their children and their specs – height, salary, age and education.

However, they were asked to leave by security when people began to protest their presence.