Teen arrested for threatening to slaughter people with a machete at Pride event

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A 19-year-old has been arrested for threatening online to slaughter a group of LGBT people at a Pride event using a machete.

On Facebook, the teenager wrote a number of threats directed at a group of LGBT people who were set to hold a Pride event at the New Empire pub in Barrow in Furness, Cumbria.

Teen arrested for threatening to slaughter people with a machete at Pride event

The message allegedly read that the teenager planned to use a machete to attack people at the event which took place yesterday evening (Friday June 23).

Superintendent Mark Pannone thanked “everyone for their assistance and vigilance” at the event which went ahead after the teen was arrested.

“Cumbria Police’s top priority is always to keep people safe.

“There is now no threat to anyone or any specific group in the south Cumbria area,” Pannone added.

The manager of the pub told PinkNews that they “debated” whether they should close the pub, but “decided we wouldn’t let it beat us.”

“We asked customers in the pub if they wanted to stay or leave but they all said no. We felt safe as armed police were parked outside. We had loads of phone calls & messages of support but obviously, some people stayed away.

“we are very proud to support the LGBT community and will not be deterred by any of this,” they added.

In a statement posted by the pub on Facebook, the manager wrote that they would not close and hoped that the Pride celebrations could go on.

“I am not planning on closing I would not feel right. I would prefer to make no money and stay put than close and make no money,” he wrote.

The pub thanked everybody for the messages of support and added that they would “not be beaten by terror threats”.

The statement read: “Thanks also to the police for making sure everyone was safe! We had a fantastic night and appreciate all the messages of support.

“We will be holding another LGBT Pride night in four weeks time and hope people join us for that (open to all).”

The Pride event is an important one for the New Empire as they put a lot of effort into providing a good evening and fundraising for the George House Trust, they explained.

Regular clients of the pub congratulated the staff and management for staying strong during the ordeal.

“Good on you for carrying on with the night and hosting events like this for the LGBT community,” one person wrote.

“I applaud you for going ahead with last night, you need a great big pat on the back for carrying on, I realy [sic] hope everyone gets behind you to keep your place going, becouse [sic] I know you have put so much of yourself and money into this venture,” another added.