Christian writer compares LGBT people to rapists and killers

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A writer has claimed that LGBT people are like rapists and killers, forcing their rights onto the rest of the population.

Lance Wells makes the claim in his book ‘The Truth Comes Out: Laying Waste to the Lies of the ‘LGBT Community”.

In it, he says that LGBT people are like rapists who “hypnotize, cajole, pressure, and threaten people into believing that their lifestyle is of equal (or greater) value.”

The musician and writer goes on to claim that Christians are the real victims, despite the ongoing persecution of LGBT people around the world.

Going on he says: “Just as a woman can continue to strive to resist the forceful advances of someone who is attempting to rape her, we can refuse to surrender to the onslaught of homosexual propagandists — even if saying no to them results in being sued, arrested, tortured, or killed.”

Bookstores in his home state of Idaho have refused to carry the book which goes on to call for the criminalisation of LGBT people.

“I would prefer to see the United States re-enact laws condemning these unhealthy and indecent lifestyles in the most certain of terms, implementing serious consequences for those found guilty of practicing and promoting them. For such people are, quite literally, enemies of the state,” Wells adds.

After using an Idaho law which bans “the infamous crime against nature,” Wells spoke to Patheos but refused to speak about the fact that the law applies to straight and gay couples.

“I’ve been on enough dead-end roads to know when it’s time to turn the car around,” he told Patheos writer David G McAfee.

In 2015 Wells launched a benefit concert for an ‘Add No Words’ campaign which went against the ‘Add The Words’ campaign to have sexual orientation and gender identity added to Idaho’s Human Rights Act.

His concert attracted few people and his book has only 1.5 stars on Amazon and has sold zero copies, reports Patheos.

One user wrote on Amazon: “This guy flyered our neighborhood trying to promote this crap “Christian” book. It never ceases to amaze me that the most judgmental and intolerant people are the ones who self-identify so strongly as Christian, despite the fact this behavior is the antithesis of true Christian teachings. There is a reason “local bookstores won’t carry it” and “the Boise Weekly refused to sell advertising for it” (quoted from the trash flyer): this book is clearly just hateful, uneducated, anti-science, and downright ridiculous garbage (“Is Obama the Antichrist?” Come on, man, is this even supposed to be for grown-ups to read?). It’s a pity Amazon won’t allow me to give negative-stars.”

Earlier this week a notorious Christian baker at the centre of a landmark US court case has claimed that Jesus Christ would discriminate against gay people.

This is not even the first time this week a ‘Christian’ has claimed that LGBT people are “rapists”.

A Christian woman announced that she wants to trademark the rainbow because “deluded” LGBT people have “raped” and “violated” it.