Piers Morgan quizzed about his testicles in spat with non-binary Good Morning Britain guest

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Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan was quizzed about his testicles on national TV, after he wouldn’t stop asking a non-binary guest about their genitals.

Piers Morgan and Susana Reid had been interviewing Kori Doty, a Canadian non-binary parent.

Doty, of British Columbia, has been in the news over their battle to exclude new baby Searyl’s biological sex from their birth certificate, so that the tot can make up their own mind about gender when they are older.

But the Good Morning Britain interview went off track, as Piers Morgan started asking about Kori’s own gender identity.

Piers Morgan quizzed about his testicles in spat with non-binary Good Morning Britain guest

The host, who has had repeated spats with transgender people on the programme, asked Kori if they were “born male or female”.

Doty hit back: “Piers, I’ve seen your interviews, I know you’ve gotten in trouble for asking these questions before and you know this isn’t the right way to ask them.”

But Morgan insisted: “I don’t think the most difficult question in the world is asking a guest if they are male or female at birth. I really don’t. You do, but it doesn’t mean I have to.”

The guest eventually relented, explaining: “When I was born, I was assigned female, but that doesn’t mean I was born a girl.”

Going further off track, Morgan then decided to ask the guest if they have had gender reassignment surgery.

They insisted: “I will remind you that the genital configuration and surgical history of trans people is not actually an issue on the table. It’s not a conversation that’s needed to be had.”

But the TV host continued to demand to know whether the guest has had an “operation to change sex”.

Doty hit back: “If that’s the direction this conversation is going to go, can I ask you if one of your testicles hangs lower?”

Morgan said he couldn’t answer questions about his own genitals because it’s a “family friendly” programme.

But he insisted: “I identify as a man, Susana identifies as a woman.

“I’m happy for you to identify any way you see fit, but what I’m more concerned about is your baby having zero identity until it decides what it wants to be.”

Of their child, Kori Doty said: “What someone’s genitals look like when they are born does not actually give us accurate information about their gender.

“What my baby’s genitals look like is private. That’s between me, their doctors, and their potential future sexual partners.

“I’m not the first person who has done this… most kids will have something to say about their gender by the age of four or five. Maybe they will identify as boy or girl, or maybe they will identify outside of that.

“Gender identity will develop later in life. Some people are trans and some people are non-binary. Most babies can have a biological sex determined within two categories, but not all. ”

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