OITNB’s Lea DeLaria has spoken about the time she got arrested for ‘being gay’

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Orange is the New Black star Lea DeLaria has spoken about a time that she “got arrested for being gay” in Missouri.

The comedian and actor talked about her sexuality with Huffington Post in their video segment, four inappropriate questions.

OITNB’s Lea DeLaria has spoken about the time she got arrested for ‘being gay’

DeLaria recounted a time that she was arrested for “open homosexuality”.

Although she didn’t mention when it happened, she explained that she was caught making out with a girl next to a lake.

“We were so busted. I spent the night in jail and they separated us too because they were afraid we were gonna f*ck in the jail I guess,” she quipped.

The star also spoke about realising she was a lesbian and having sex for the first time with another woman.

She explained that she didn’t like sex because she had first had it with a man.

“The first time I had sex I thought it was gross because it wasn’t lesbian sex.

“I didn’t like it at all but the first time I had lesbian sex I was like OH MY GOD.

“I remember the girl was f*cking said to me ‘oh my god I feel like a virgin again’,” she added.

DeLaria, who is an icon for LGBT across the world, added that she only realised she was a “butch dyke” during her first job in a dyke bar.

“There was this old dyke sitting there and she turned round and yelled hey baby butch. I went ‘oh, I guess I’m a butch dyke’.”

The star also spoke about dealing with homophobes.

“I don’t get hurt, I am filled with rage. So if somebody says something stupid about my sexuality I will get rageful about it,” she said.

The actor recently announced her split from her former fiancé Chelsea Fairless.

The announcement was made in a truly bizarre DeLaria form as the couple shared a photo showing them stood with Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor, while DeLaria is dressed as David Gest and Fairless is dressed as Liza Minelli.

DeLaria also spoke about her weight loss following the break-up, something that she credited to only “eating pussy”.