Gay Golden Girls ‘reboot’ confirmed by show’s original writer

Golden Girls is coming back! Well, sort of. A new show inspired by the Golden Girls, featuring older gay men is confirmed to be in the works.

Writer Stan Zimmerman has confirmed that the show ‘Silver Foxes’ is in the works.

Some are calling the new show a reboot of the original line up starring Betty White, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty.

The Golden Girls

The new show, ‘Silver Foxes’ would feature four older queer men living together.

“It is not a rumor,” Zimmerman told Fox News.

“James Berg and I did write a pilot script called ‘Silver Foxes.’ It is NOT a reboot of ‘The Golden Girls.’ But it is inspired by the show, a show that we were lucky enough to have written on during the first season of the show.”

It is thought that the writers of the show, Berg and Zimmerman, who worked on Golden Girls, had pitched the pilot of the show to Netflix and Hulu in the hopes that it will be picked up.

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Zimmerman recently hosted a reading of the pilot at his home, inviting Leslie Jordan, George Takei, and Bruce Vilanch to take part.

According to reports, the show is based loosely on the characters Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia, and Rose, but also on the 2013 documentary ‘Before You Know It’.

The show could appeal, as well as to a wider audience, to the estimated three million LGBT+ senior citizens across the US.

As well as focussing on ageing, the show will depict family life, dating and more.
Check out a trailer for Before You Know It below:

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