Hundreds of thousands of people celebrate Pride over the world this weekend

Belfast Gay Pride

Hundreds of thousands of people attended Pride events across the world this weekend to celebrate all things LGBT.

Amsterdam, Belfast, Brighton and more held their annual Pride events drawing people from all over the world.

In Amsterdam, the only Pride that takes place on water was held.

The famous canals of The Netherlands played host to canal boats turned parade floats and water performers on jet skis.

Amsterdam Pride

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80 boats made their way through six kilometres of the canal as thousands of people crowded on the banks to watch.

Amsterdam Pride

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There was plenty of confetti, and mesmerising performances, all of which were captured by Pride goers.

Amsterdam Pride

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It’s like something out of a sci-fi film!

At Belfast Pride, more than 5,000 people lined the streets for the Parade.

For the first time officers from PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) and Gardaí (Irish police) marched in uniform in the parade.

The theme of the event was “Demand Change” and focused on efforts to overturn Northern Ireland’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Many marchers gathered outside of Belfast City Hall as part of the political statement.

Belfast Pride

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All along the route flags, balloons and other rainbow decorations brightened up the streets.

Belfast Pride

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It wasn’t just flags either, as people donned beautiful costumes and colourful suits for the celebrations.

Belfast Pride

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And, of course, people dressed up their dogs in true Pride spirit.

Belfast Pride

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At Brighton Pride, an estimated 300,000 people lined the streets for the biggest PRide celebration in the UK.

Marchers made their way from Hove Lawns to Preston Park as they celebrated the day.

27 people were arrested at the event around drug possession, assault and drunk and disorderly offences.

204 people were treated by medics at St John Ambulance sites across the city by two am.

Sussex Police’s assistant chief constable Laurence Taylor said that the number of arrests was to be expected “at such a large event.”

“This is one of the biggest policing operations we manage, and it could not happen without the support and hard work from all those involved including South East Coast ambulance, East Sussex Fire and Rescue, St John Ambulance, British Transport Police, Pride and the thousands of people who travel from far and wide to attend it and help make it an amazing and fun event,” Taylor said.

People clambered to get a good view of the parade.

Brighton Pride

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The crowds took over every part of the city.

Brighton Pride

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From human to dogs, everybody had a good time at the event.

Brighton Pride

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And the clothes were incredible, despite the rain!

Brighton Pride

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Happy Pride!