Armie Hammer takes on James Woods over tweet about gay age gaps

Armie Hammer and James Woods went to war this week over dating age gaps, particularly in the gay community.

Hammer stars in Call Me By Your Name, a gay romantic drama telling the story of a romance between a graduate student and his professor’s son.

But after LGBT site Towleroad tweeted some info about its coverage of the film, gay conservative author Chad Felix Greene tweeted his disapproval of the film.

He wrote: “24 year old man. 17 year old boy. Stop.”

Armie Hammer takes on James Woods over tweet about gay age gaps

Woods couldn’t help himself but reply, saying: “As they quietly chip away the last barriers of decency. #NAMBLA”. NAMBLA refers to the North American Man/Boy Love Association, a paedophilia advocacy organisation.

The pair seemed to miss entirely the fact that a 24 year old sleeping with a 17 year old is entirely legal in Italy, where the age of consent is 14.

Later Hammer chimed in, responding to Woods to say: “Didn’t you date a 19 year old when you were 60…….?”

Amber Tamblyn later added that Woods attempted to hit on her when she was 16.

She tweeted: “James Woods tried to pick me and my friend up at a restaurant once,” the actress wrote on Twitter. “He wanted to take us to Vegas. ‘I’m 16’ I said. ‘Even better’ he said.”

Armie Hammer takes on James Woods over tweet about gay age gaps

Woods later denied the accusation saying: “The first is illegal. The second is a lie.”

He later added: “Somebody told me the libs are yelping. Troll traffic is up. I don’t pay any attention really. I like Armie Hammer as an actor though. A lot.

“Okay, now I want all my little trolls to put on their onesies and go to bed! Final word on this: I don’t give a shit what liberals think.”

Tamblyn later tweeted a screenshot of a text conversation with a friend which appeared to back up her claim.

Armie Hammer takes on James Woods over tweet about gay age gaps

Woods recently tweeted a transphobic message with an image of a gender-nonconforming child being supported by their parents.

The tweet came nearly two years to the day after Woods appeared in a PSA promising to shine a light on LGBT youth homelessness.

Woods shared a photo of a boy with his smiling, proud parents, holding signs saying: “I love my gender creative son” and “My son wears dresses and makeup, get over it.”

He captioned it with a message suggesting that the boy would grow up to be a serial killer.

“This is sweet. Wait until this poor kid grows up, realises what you’ve done, and stuffs both of you dismembered into a freezer in the garage,” Woods wrote.

Earlier this year, the Trump-supporting actor made a homophobic comment about famed out gay broadcaster Anderson Cooper.

White House advisor Kellyanne Conway appeared in the interview with Cooper to defend the firing of James Comey as the Director of the FBI earlier this week by President Trump.

The White House released a statement saying that Comey had been “terminated and removed from office”.

Gif of Anderson Cooper rolling his eyes with the words 'As his butt plug dislodges during a newscast...'

In the interview, Cooper challenged the White House advisor over the sacking, suggesting that it was linked to an FBI investigation into the President’s inner circle and ties to Russia.

A number of clips were then played by Cooper of the President, then campaigning for office, back in 2016 stating praise for Comey for investigating Hillary Clinton over her email controversy.

Conway responded: “You’re conflating two things that don’t belong together. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I was on your show often last fall saying we were going to win Michigan and how we were going to do it, so that was fun.”

Cooper then gave a pretty big eye roll and continued with his line of questioning.

Woods responded with a tweet of the eye roll with the words “As his butt plug dislodges during a newscast…”.

Back in 2015, Woods appeared in a PSA on LGBT youth homelessness for the LA LGBT Center.

In it, he says: “We’ve got you,” along with stars like Elton John and Jamie Foxx.