His last interview: George Michael pays emotional tribute to first boyfriend who died of AIDS

George Michael will pay an emotional tribute to his first boyfriend in his final interview, to be aired on channel 4.

The Wham! star was filming a comeback show for the broadcaster when he died suddenly on Christmas Day 2016.

Brazilian Anselmo Feleppa, George’s first love, died of an Aids-related illness in 1993.

He will pay a personal tribute to his former lover in the documentary, Freedom, set to focus on his life through the 1990s.

The pair met in a hotel lobby when they fell in love almost immediately.

A source who has seen the documentary, which airs around the re-release of the album Listen Without Prejudice on October 20, told The Mirror: “George speaks very movingly about Anselmo being the first love of his life and how important he was in his life.

“It is very emotional and he clearly never forgot him and left a huge ­impression on George.”

The global performer had been due for a comeback in 2017, with new music and a string of TV appearances lined up.

His final song, a re-worked version of his 80s song Fantasy, was released last week with music producer Nile Rogers.

The Channel 4 show is thought to have been edited significantly since his death, with supermodel friend Kate Moss spotted filming inside the late George’s London home.

Moss, who rarely speaks publicly, is key to making the new documentary.

The show is set to give an insight into how the notoriously private star lived towards the end of his life.

The 43-year-old supermodel was joined by the music legend’s friend and documentary creator David Austin on the shoot.

A source told MailOnline: “In the afternoon, Kate went in first and David Austin turned up.

“A couple of tracks came by the house and two men downloaded equipment.

“Then they all walked into Kate’s home which is a few yards away from George’s.”

According to The Sun: “Kate was filming at the house on Monday and the documentary will also feature other major stars who were close to George.

“She slipped into the house through the back door with the crew to avoid causing a scene as there are still fans who go there to pay tribute.

“Everything was kept very hushed.”