Two teens on trial for filming gay teenager getting beaten up

A 13 and 14-year-old girl are facing trial for filming a teenager who was forced to strip naked for being gay after being robbed.

The hate crime, which took place in Michigan, saw a 17-year-old Trevor Goldbolt rob the victim of his phone and his possessions, reports WZZM13.

He then forced the victim to strip naked and beat him up.

While the teenager was beaten up, one of the girls filmed the assault.

When Goldbolt tells the victim to run off, he is chased by two the girls, one of whom is filming the assault. She laughs and yells, “catch him.” The video of the attack was posted to social media.

Godbolt, 18, was on the run from police until Tuesday evening.

He was then put on trial and charged for unarmed robbery and false imprisonment.

Godbolt can be seen grabbing and beating the victim who yells, “please stop.”

In his trial, Godbolt admitted that he targeted the victim because he’s gay.

“The governor believes discrimination has no place in Michigan and has long called for civility and respect for people of different backgrounds and perspectives,” said the Governor of Michigan.

“In the past, he urged the Michigan Legislature to expand protections for LGBT Michiganders in the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act. This is a horrific attack that never should have occurred and this type of violence is not welcome in Michigan.”

“Unfortunately, the attack on this young man is just the most recently known in a long line of abuse the LGBTQ community in Michigan has faced,” said Grand Rapids Pride Centre, an LGBT charity based in the state.

“The numbers of reported abuse aimed at our LGBTQ youth in Michigan schools are shocking and frightening.”