Terrorist who plotted pride attack may be detained in a high security hospital

Ethan Stables, the white supremacist who planned a machete terror attack on a pride event, may be given a hospital order, it was revealed yesterday.

Stables, 20, was found guilty on Monday of preparing an act of terrorism, threats to kill and possessing explosives, after he had planned to attack a pride night at a pub in Barrow, Cumbria in June 2017.

However, yesterday the judge disclosed he was considering a hospital order for self-declared Neo-Nazi Stables, after the prosecution applied for a consultant psychiatrist to assess whether the convicted terrorist “represents a risk to the public”.

The request to adjourn for further psychiatric reports has been requested by the prosecution as in his “best interests”, reported the North West Mail.

(Greater Manchester Police)

However, defence barrister Patrick Upward was unhappy with the development, questioning the prosecution’s motivations.

Hospital orders are for those who present a high risk to the public or themselves, but who require treatment under high security conditions.

The order – also known as a Section 37/41 – can only be handed down to those who’ve already been found to be guilty of a serious crime.

The alternative to prison does not have fixed end date, with patients being released only after their minimum sentence has been served and their illness has been treated.

(Facebook/ethan stables)

The sentence would also allow the judge to add restrictions onto Stables, including a requirement that permission from the Secretary of State for Justice is obtained before being allowed out.

Two possible options mentioned by the judge at yesterday’s hearing is the Rampton Hospital, in Nottinghamshire, and Guild Lodge near Preston.

The high security Rampton hospital has previously housed Ian Huntley and Charles Manson as patients.

Stables’ defence had told the court that he was “lonely and inadequate”, while Stables had told the judge he was “ashamed” of his actions as he was bisexual. However, the judge described the announcement about his sexuality as “lies”.

His autism “played some part in this but that does not absolve you from what you have done”, the judge also said.


The 20-year old’s plans were discovered after the authorities were tipped off by a concerned member of the public, who was alarmed by Facebook messages promising “war” and “slaughter” on the LBTQ-friendly

Stables was arrested while walking to the event, to which he had bought a machete.

The homophobic terrorist had also expressed hatred against Jews and Muslims, and had a swastika hanging on his bedroom wall when arrested by police.

Google searches found on his computer asked how to go on a killing spree, what prison is like for a murderer and how to make chemical poison.

The sentencing has now been adjourned until the 28th February, when the court will hold a progress meeting to establish when the final sentencing date will be.