Lea Michele and a drag queen singing ‘Defying Gravity’ will give you chills

Glee star Lea Michele has sung a duet of Defying Gravity with a drag queen on American Idol and it will move you.

On a recent episode of American Idol, drag queen Ada Vox joined Michele to sing a touching duet of the song Defying Gravity from the famous musical Wicked, as part of the ‘celebrity duets’ semi-final.

Vox wowed the judges and the live audience as she sang the moving and difficult song that is a staple of musical theatre fans everywhere.

Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie looked amazed during the performance, with Richie muttering “so good, so good” as Vox hit the high notes.

(Photo: American Idol / Youtube)

Riche was full of praise for Vox after the performance, saying: “a star is born!”

Actress and performer Michele agreed, saying that the drag queen’s talent was “out of control.”

She later added: “It’s just been so great, this voice is out of control, and getting to sing with someone of [this] vocal calibre was a real honour.

“It was so fun to get to sing together.”

(Photo: American Idol / Youtube)

Vox isn’t the first drag queen to make an appearance on an Idol show, with international superstar Courtney Act using the show to launch herself back in YEAR.

This is Vox’s second attempt at American Idol, after first auditioning for the show in 2013 as his non-drag self, Adam Sanders.

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Sanders had competed in the 12th cycle of the reality singing contest as a man, but despite nailing his first audition and making it to the top 50, he failed to make it through to the live shows.

However, five years on Sanders has made a triumphant return to the show – as drag singer Vox.

Sanders recently opened up about the experience of being rejected from American Idol and the harassment he faced about his sexuality.

He said: “I auditioned when I was just 19… I made it through to the top 50. Being told ‘no’ was heartbreaking, but the truth of the matter is I wasn’t ready.

“After Idol I started getting messages on social media every day, people attacking my weight and my sexuality. Telling me that I was horrible, that I sucked, that I didn’t deserve to be here.

“I let it get to me in the wrong way… it killed me inside, almost as much as people telling me I should have killed myself.”

(Photo: American Idol / Youtube)

He added: “I disappeared from the world for a while, and in doing that I hurt myself even more. That’s when I really was at my worst, thinking maybe I shouldn’t be here.

“Through all of the negativity I have managed to build myself up as a new person, as a stronger person. I have recreated myself in ways I could not have imagined.”

The 16th season of American Idol has caused some controversy since it began in March 2018.

Judge Katy Perry caused a considerable backlash after she stole a 19-year-old contestant’s first kiss on the show.

Many have called for Perry to publicly apologise for what has been termed a “forced sexual act.”

This season of American Idol will finish on May 21.

Watch Ada Vox and Lea Michele sing defying gravity below