Bisexual tweet agonising over stars’ attractiveness goes viral

So, you’re attracted to both partners in a couple.

Don’t worry, we all know the feeling.

Whatever your sexuality, we’ve all been in that situation, and nearly passed out from the thirst – not to mention the indecision.

It’s hard to choose – especially if you’re seeing them in bed, we guess (Pexels)

After all, who do you want more?

A recently created meme has shone a light on this dilemma – and the simple answer provided by commenters may just make it easier for you to sleep tonight, instead of agonising over who to focus your attentions on.

It comes from ‘gay culture is,’ one of the stand-out queer memes of 2017.

Yep, that checks out. (wllbyrs/Twitter)

The evolution of memes is wonderfully quick, and soon there were countless offshoots representing different LGBT groups and concepts within those communities.

One of these was ‘bisexual culture is,’ which is now often completed either with the idea that it’s hard to pick between two opposite-sex people or it’s difficult to know whether you want to date someone or be them.

Twitter user Kya has hit on this difficulty perfectly, writing: “bisexual culture is not knowing which one you have a bigger crush on” over a picture of actors Elizabeth Gillies and Avan Jogia.

Not easy. (softsadsatan/twitter)

Kya’s assessment of bi people’s reactions to the pair – who formed an on-screen couple on Nickelodeon show Victorious and are best friends in real life – went viral, attracting more than 218,000 retweets and likes.

Thankfully for those of us still trying to work out which star to prioritise, many, many users have the answer all figured out.

That’s right – both. Both is good.

“Liz tbh no wait Avan ummmm idk” wrote one confused Twitter user, and yeah, we relate.

Bi people deserve to have their wishes come true, especially as a study in April found that straight people think bi women are more promiscuous and neurotic than other members of the population.

And that’s even before they open their mouths and say that you’re “greedy,” “confused” or even “just doing it for attention.”

Bi-erasure is a real issue, both on TV and in the real world.

But at least there’s been progress over the past year. (Fox, Netflix, The CW)

So it was good to see another bisexual meme go viral in May, playing with the ‘Is this a pigeon?’ format to shine a spotlight on biphobia.

International pop sensation Halsey also went viral explaining the same concept to her followers last year.

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 31: Halsey performs onstage during Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2018 on December 31, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for dcp)

Halsey rocking it, as per usual (Frederick M. Brown/Getty)

The American singer-songwriter, 23, has repeatedly released explicitly bisexual love songs, such as Strangers, which she sang with Fifth Harmony star Lauren Jauregui, who is also bisexual.

On Twitter, she wrote: “So if I’m dating a guy I’m straight, and if I date a woman, I’m a lesbian.

Preach. (Twitter/halsey)

“The only way to be a #True bisexual is to date 2 people at once.”

And that’s exactly what Kya’s commenters are recommending.