Neo-Nazi arrested at Tennessee Pride after allegedly fighting marcher

A neo-Nazi has been arrested for attacking a protester at a Pride march.

Kynan Dutton protested Knoxville, Tennesse’s PrideFest on Saturday, and was arrested an hour later for pushing a man to the ground, reported

Dutton was not the only fascist reportedly in attendance.

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A spectrum of counter-protestors attended the event, including the neo-Confederate League of the South, some white nationalists and a handful of Black Hebrew Israelites, reported LGBTQ Nation.

Stating that Knoxville is a “pro-white, pro-traditional family,” Dutton said that he was there in his capacity as the self-identified head of the National Socialist Movement in Tennessee, reported

“[The] reason we’re here is to support the traditional family that is one man, one woman and children,” Dutton told the University of Tennessee Beacon before his protest.


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Confederate flag (Getty)

“None of these other permutations, some of this other corruption or evil that is being permutated by this parade –– it should not, and hopefully in the future will not, be allowed by these cities.”

Dutton has led several unsuccessful escapades over the years.

He and his family moved to a small town in Dakota to create an “all-white enclave” in 2013.

He was arrested and charged on several occasions after he took a rifle onto the street and shouted threats because he believed his home had been vandalized.

The grim work of neo-Nazis has interrupted other Pride events this year.

In Australia, neo-Nazi posters claiming “gays are a walking disease” were spotted in Melbourne on Sunday.

The messages, which were put up by self-confessed “21st Century Hitler Youth” group Antipodean Resistance, appeared in Melbourne on June 23.


The offensive poster (Antipodean Resistance)

Australia has seen a rise in anti-gay rhetoric and actions since the start of the postal vote over same-sex marriage, which led to its legalisation in Parliament last year.

The neo-Nazi organisation taking responsibility for the posters – which have now been taken down – tells visitors to its site that “we’re the Hitlers you’ve been waiting for.”